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  • Sessions on 16 December 2016

    Posted 10/13/16

    08:00-10:00 GC51F Advances in Earth Observation for Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM): Food Security and Early Warning I Moscone West 3003 GC51G Climate Extremes and Their Implications in Impact Modeling Studies I Moscone West 3005 GC51H Earth Science Results from New Imaging Spectroscopy Measurements around the Globe I Moscone West 3001 08:00-12:20 GC51A Improving the Simulation of […]

  • Sessions on 15 December 2016


    08:00-10:00 GC41F Advancing Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories in the Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use Sector for Reporting to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change I Moscone West 3001 GC41G Global and Regional Water-Food-Energy Security under Changing Environments I Moscone West 3003 GC41H The Arctic Freshwater System: Past, Present, and Future I Moscone […]

  • Sessions on 14 December 2016


    WEDNESDAY, 14 DECEMBER 2016 08:00-10:00 GC31I Multidisciplinary Assessments of Radiation Management Geoengineering II Moscone West 3005 GC31J Natural- and Human-Induced Impacts on the Terrestrial Water Cycle and Implications for Water Resources I Moscone West 3003   08:00-12:20 GC31A Advances in Integration of Earth System Dynamics and Social System Models Posters Moscone South Poster Hall GC31B […]

  • Sessions on 13 December 2016


    08:00-10:00 GC21I Arctic Environmental Change: Local, Regional, Global Drivers and Impacts I Moscone West 3005 GC21J Negative Emissions: Staying Below 2°C I Moscone West 3003 08:00-12:20 GC21A Advancing Science of the Arctic System through Integration and Coordination of Observations and Modeling I Posters Moscone South Poster Hall GC21B Assessing Impacts of Land Use and Land […]

  • Sessions on 12 December 2016


    MONDAY, 12 DECEMBER 2016   08:00-10:00 GC11E Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Hydroclimatic Change in Western North America I Moscone West 3003 GC11F The Third Pole Environment (TPE) under Global Changes I Moscone West 3005   08:00-12:20 GC11A Climate and Environmental Changes in Arid Central and East Asia I Posters Poster Hall GC11B Current and […]