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  • Nominations Sought for GEC Awards and Lectures

    Posted 04/07/17

    The Global Environmental Change Focus Group sponsors annually three awards and three lectures at the AGU Fall Meeting.  Descriptions of each of these awards and lectures are posted on the AGU website at The AGU webpage for nominating candidates for each of these GEC-sponsored awards and lectures can be viewed at Please consider […]

  • Sessions on 16 December 2016

    Posted 10/13/16

    08:00-10:00 GC51F Advances in Earth Observation for Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM): Food Security and Early Warning I Moscone West 3003 GC51G Climate Extremes and Their Implications in Impact Modeling Studies I Moscone West 3005 GC51H Earth Science Results from New Imaging Spectroscopy Measurements around the Globe I Moscone West 3001 08:00-12:20 GC51A Improving the Simulation of […]

  • Sessions on 15 December 2016


    08:00-10:00 GC41F Advancing Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories in the Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use Sector for Reporting to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change I Moscone West 3001 GC41G Global and Regional Water-Food-Energy Security under Changing Environments I Moscone West 3003 GC41H The Arctic Freshwater System: Past, Present, and Future I Moscone […]

  • Sessions on 14 December 2016


    WEDNESDAY, 14 DECEMBER 2016 08:00-10:00 GC31I Multidisciplinary Assessments of Radiation Management Geoengineering II Moscone West 3005 GC31J Natural- and Human-Induced Impacts on the Terrestrial Water Cycle and Implications for Water Resources I Moscone West 3003   08:00-12:20 GC31A Advances in Integration of Earth System Dynamics and Social System Models Posters Moscone South Poster Hall GC31B […]

  • Sessions on 13 December 2016


    08:00-10:00 GC21I Arctic Environmental Change: Local, Regional, Global Drivers and Impacts I Moscone West 3005 GC21J Negative Emissions: Staying Below 2°C I Moscone West 3003 08:00-12:20 GC21A Advancing Science of the Arctic System through Integration and Coordination of Observations and Modeling I Posters Moscone South Poster Hall GC21B Assessing Impacts of Land Use and Land […]

  • Sessions on 12 December 2016


    MONDAY, 12 DECEMBER 2016   08:00-10:00 GC11E Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Hydroclimatic Change in Western North America I Moscone West 3003 GC11F The Third Pole Environment (TPE) under Global Changes I Moscone West 3005   08:00-12:20 GC11A Climate and Environmental Changes in Arid Central and East Asia I Posters Poster Hall GC11B Current and […]