2016 Focus Group Election Results

Congratulations to Dr. Philip Mote, Professor at Oregon State University, who was elected President-Elect of the Global Environmental Change Focus Group; and to Dr. Ali H. Omar, research scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center, who was elected Secretary of the Global Environmental Change Focus Group in the 2016 election period.  Phil and Ali join the Executive Committee of the GEC Focus Group — full membership of the Executive Committee is shown below.


Executive Committee email
Ellen Mosley-Thompson Incoming President, Jan 2017
Rong Fu Past President, Jan 2017
Phil Mote President-Elect, 2017
Ali Omar Past and Incoming Secretary, 2017
Malcolm Hughes Past President
Chuck Hakkarinen Webmaster 
Connie Millar Member of AGU Fellows Committee
Tracy-Ann Hyman Mid-career / International representative
Rose Abramoff Early career representative
Don Wuebbles Past President
David Cairns Chair, GEC Program Committee

Draft Bylaws for the Global Environmental Change Focus Group
The GEC Executive Committee has prepared a draft set of bylaws for the Focus Group, which can be viewed  here.  Focus Group members are invited to review the draft bylaws and send comments to the Executive Committee chair Ellen Mosley-Thompson.