The AGU Global Environmental Change Section newsletters can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

March 2019 GEC newsletter — Topics: 2018 GEC OSPA Winners; GEC Centennial Webinars; May Webinars with Jonathan Overpeck and Sonia Seneviratne ; GEC Section Award and Lecture Nominations.

November 2018 GEC newsletterTopics:  GEC at the fall AGU;New GEC Fellows; GEC Early Career and Student Representatives ; Incentive Program to Support GEC Activities.

September 2018 GEC newsletterTopicsFrom outgoing Secretary; GEC Awards and Lectures; Volunteer Opportunities; Incentive Program to Support GEC Activities.

November 2017 GEC newsletterTopicsNew GEC Fellows; Fall Meeting GEC Lectures and Receptions; Volunteer Opportunities; Incentive Program to Support GEC Activities.

July 2017 GEC newsletter —  Topics: Welcome message from president-elect Phil Mote; Fall Meeting 2017 GEC Awards and Lectures; GEC Early Career Award winners; Fall Meeting GEC Business and Awards Reception; Early Career Reception; Incentive Program to support GEC activities; Volunteer opportunities.

February 2017 GEC newsletter —  Topics:  Nominations invited for GEC Awards and Lectures; Nominations invited for AGU Union Fellows; Nominations invited for Union Awards and Lectures; Volunteer Spotlight.

AGU-GEC_NewsletterIssue5_30July2016_Revised  —  Topics: Message from the Fall Meeting Program Chair; New NAS Members; Tyndall and Schneider Lecture Presenters; GEC Awards/Honorees; Fall Meeting Events; GEC Fundraiser

GECNewsletterVol4_27March2016 — Topics:  New GEC Awards seeking nominations, incentive program for financially supporting GEC, GEC’s early career executive committee members, and a volunteer profile.

GECNewsletterVol3_30September2015Topics:  Message from the President-Elect, GEC Business Meeting and Reception, GEC fundraiser, 2015 AGU Award recipients

GECNewsletterVol2_16June2015Revised — Topics:  Canvassing Committee members, speakers for the Fall AGU lectures, new GEC awards/honors

GECNewsletterVol1_26Jan2015  —  TOPICS: Election Results – President-elect & Secretary, New GEC Fall Meeting Program Committee, Leopold Leadership Fellow, Fall AGU News