Seven Additional FM2013 GEC Sessions Available as Video On-Demand

In addition to the three lectures named above, portions of seven additional oral presentation sessions sponsored by the GEC at the AGU Fall Meeting 2013 are available for viewing using the AGU Virtual Option. These sessions include:

GC12C. Translating Science into Action: Innovative Services for the Geo- and Environmental- Sciences in the Era of Big Data II

GC22C. Glacier Hydrologic Change: Implications for Downstream Ecosystems II

GC23G. Climate Change and Wildfire: Drivers, Interactions and Consequences II

GC41F. Paleoclimate, Observations and Models: Water Resource Management Under Climate Variability and Change II

GC42C. Ex Situ Carbon Mineralization II

GC44A. Global Environmental Change General Contributions High Profile Topics III

GC53C. Understanding 400 ppm Climate: Past, Present and Future II


A complete list of the the presentations available for viewing from these seven sessions are listed at